Statistics positions at UC Davis

Position Announcement: Senior Statistician, Stat Lab

The Statistical Laboratory at the University of California, Davis is hiring for the position of Senior Statistician. Applications for this position are due May 20, 2021.


The Statistical Laboratory (“Stat Lab”, provides statistical consulting and programming services for students, staff and faculty of the University, and on a limited basis, to state government agencies and private industry. Services include providing advice to researchers in preparing statistics-related sections of proposals for extramural funding, assisting researchers on the design of prospective experiments or studies, conducting or giving advice concerning statistical data analysis, and planning or executing statistically motivated computation. These tasks are for the most part handled by the Senior Statistician. Consultation frequently leads to related computational tasks, which are frequently handled by the Senior Statistician as well.


This is a 100% full-time career staff position, located on the main Davis campus. Full details about the position including the link to submit an application can be found at the UC Davis Jobs site, Job #18091:


To be considered please submit your application by May 20, 2021.

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