Alumni Spotlight-Dugas

Mike Dugas Alumni Banner

After I completed my Ph.D. in 2005, I joined Capital One as a statistician, building models for their credit card product.  I learned a lot and changed some things before going on to work for 3 more companies plus consult with 9 others in consumer finance.  The opportunities I had to build analytics departments in 2 companies gave me the knowledge, resources, and friends needed to help me in the next phase of my career. 

In 2012, my co-founders and I started Credda.  Credda brings consumers fair and transparent financing to obtain goods and services.  It took us 20 months until we booked our first consumer lease.  Since then, we have financed over $1 million to consumers in 5 states.  We plan to build a national scale business that books $10 million per month in lease assets.  While I built my career building statistical models, I now spend almost all my time on things like accounting, project management, product strategy, marketing strategy, financial projections, mentoring employees, legal issues, process engineering and working with investors.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my wife and 4 young kids.  I spend my time building Credda, caring for my family and coaching baseball.