Transfer Resources

Statistics and Data Science are major programs within the College of Letters and Science.  Students in the College of Letters and Science must complete Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising.  Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising will provide you with comprehensive advice about preparing for your first quarter and registering for classes.  Below is information specific to Statistics and Data Science majors about preparing for your first quarter.  

Upcoming Events (Summer 2023)

Pre-Registration Workshop

Thursday, August 10th 5:30pm


First Quarter Preparation

STEP 1: Aggie 101

All incoming  transfer students are expected to complete Aggie 101. This online program will get you acquainted with how UC Davis is structured, what resources we have to offer, and help you understand your non-major requirements. Transfer students will be given access to Aggie 101 beginning June 7th. 

STEP 2: Aggie Advising


Part 1:  Complete Aggie Advising Canvas Modules.

These modules will provide you with additional details about your degree requirements and prepare you for meeting with your major advisor. Module open June 14th. 

Part 2:  Make an appointment with your Major Advisor. 

The major advisors for Statistics and Data Science are Kim McMullen and Jeff Katz.  They will help you review your transfer coursework and plan for your first quarter classes and beyond.  You can make an advising appointment with Kim or Jeff between June 28th and August 14th.  You must complete Aggie 101 prior to attending Aggie Advising.  Appointments are available via Zoom and there will be limited in-person appointments available if desired. 

You are also encouraged to prepare for your appointment by learning more about the Statistics or Data Science major program and the Department of Statistics.  Please utilize the resources linked below.  You will also be emailed information about any upcoming webinars, Q&A panels, etc. so be sure to check your UC Davis email.  

Additional Resources and Forms

STEP 3: Registration

The College of Letters and Sciences has put together a comprehensive resource with information about registration.  Students register for classes using Schedule BuilderTransfer students can begin registering for classes on August 15th. You can also view this video as a quick refresher for using Schedule Builder.  Your major advisors will also hold a pre-registration workshop and drop-in hours during registration.  Details are TBA. 

STEP 4: Statistics Department Transfer Student Prep Modules

Instructors in the Department of Statistics have put together Statistics Course Prep Modules to help prepare new students for their fall quarter Statistics courses.  The modules will review core concepts in statistics and probability, essential mathematical tools, and it will introduce computing techniques in programming and data analysis.  Reviewing the prep modules is optional, but strongly encouraged. You will be given access to the modules in July.  

STEP 5: Orientation

September 20-23 is the in-person Aggie Orientation.