Stat Lab


Statistical Consultation

Services include providing advice to individual researchers in preparing statistics-related sections of proposals for extramural funding, assisting researchers on the design of prospective experiments or studies, conducting or giving advice concerning statistical data analysis, and planning or executing statistically motivated computation. Inquiries on consulting contracts may be directed to the Stat-Lab staff at at

Appointments: First-time Client or New Project: Please complete the Statistical Consulting Form and submit for an appointment. Continuing Clients: Please direct requests to


Collaborative Research

The Stat Lab can assist individuals or groups in assembling an appropriate team of statisticians to provide the statistical expertise that a particular interdisciplinary research project might require. Such collaboration will typically involve Stat Lab staff and/or associate members of the Lab, and may involve a Statistics research assistant. Inquiries regarding this service should be directed to Dr. Jane-Ling Wang at


Customized Programming


This work might include, but is not limited to, the design, implementation and maintenance of databases, problem specification set-ups for use of statistical software, mathematical and statistical programming, and the development of graphics applications. Inquiries regarding this service should be directed to Dr. Neil Willits at




A number of seminars, workshops and other presentations on applied statistical methods, statistical software, and selected statistical case studies are sponsored by the Stat Lab each year. Special purpose presentations can be arranged on a recharge basis. Inquiries regarding this service should be directed to Dr. Jane-Ling Wang at


Contracted Studies


The Stat Lab can perform statistical research and data analysis on a contract basis. For information on this service, and for a document describing relevant University and laboratory policies on such consultation, contact the Stat-Lab staff at at