B.S. in Statistics: Applied Statistics

This track emphasizes statistical applications. It is recommended for students who are interested in applications of statistical techniques to various disciplines including the biological, physical and social sciences.

This track allows students to take some of their elective major courses in another subject area where statistics is applied.  A list of pre-approved electives can be found here.  


These requirements were put into effect Fall 2017.  Requirements from previous years can be found in the General Catalog Archive.

Preparatory Subject Matter (27-31 units)

  • MAT 16A-B-C or 17A-B-C or 21A-B-C Calculus (21 series recommended)
  • MAT 22A Linear Algebra
  • ECS 10 or ECS 30 or ECS 40 Programming
    • Effective Fall 2018, ECS 10, 30, and 40 will be discontinued; students may take either ECS 32A or ECS 36A instead.
  • Two introductory courses serving as the prerequisites to upper division courses in a chosen discipline to which statistics is applied
  • Any one introductory statistics course except STA 10 (STA 32 recommended)

Depth Subject Matter (48-52 units)

  • STA 106 Analysis of Variance
  • STA 108 Regression Analysis
  • STA 138 Analysis of Categorical Data
  • STA 141A Fundamentals of Statistical Data Science (formerly called STA 141)
  • STA 130A Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course
  • STA 130B Mathematical Statistics: Brief Course

Three courses from:

  • STA 104 Nonparametric Statistics
  • STA 135 Multivariate Data Analysis
  • STA 137 Applied Time Series Analysis
  • STA 141B Data & Web Technologies for Data Analysis 
    or STA 141C Big Data & High Performance Statistical Computing 
  • STA 142 Reliability (discontinued)
  • STA 144 Sampling Theory of Surveys
  • STA 145 Bayesian Statistical Inference
  • STA 160 Practice in Statistical Data Science 
  • MAT 168 Optimization
  • One approved course of 4 units from STA 199, 194HA, or 194HB may be used. 

Four upper division elective courses outside of statistics:

The electives are chosen with and must be approved by the major adviser. They should follow a coherent sequence in one single discipline where statistical methods and models are applied. At least three of them should cover the quantitative aspects of the discipline. The electives must all be upper division. You can view a list of pre-approved courses here.  Any deviation from this list must be approved by the major adviser.

Total Units: 75-83


Sample Schedule


  • Fall 
    • MAT 16/17/21 A
    • LD Elective
  • Winter
    • MAT 16/17/21  B
    • ECS XX
  • Spring
    • MAT 16/17/21  C
    • Intro STA


  • Fall 
    • MAT 022A
    • LD Elective
  • Winter
    • STA 108
    • Approved Elective
  • Spring
    • STA 106
    • Approved Elective


  • Fall 
    • STA 130A
  • Winter
    • STA 130B
    • STA 1XX
  • Spring
    • STA 141A
    • Approved Elective


  • Fall 
    • STA 138
  • Winter
    • STA/MAT 1XX
    • Approved Elective
  • Spring
    • STA 1XX

LD=Lower Division