Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advisors


Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Staff Advisor

Kimberly McMullen
general academic advising; university, college and department requirements; forms and petitions; referral to campus resources; student outreach and recruitment; event planning and coordination


Peer Advisors

Saba Mahdavi and Sangeetha Ramamurthy
offer a peer perspective on course selection, schedules and professors, change of major and minor information, peer advice on resources on campus, student recruitment and outreach; general encouragement and advice

  • Office: Mathematical Sciences Building 4118









Vice Chair of Undergraduate Affairs & Faculty Advisor

Professor Debashis Paul
approval of electives and major modifications; transfer work evaluations; academic advising; independent/research study; post-graduation opportunities






    Mandatory Advising

    All second and fourth year+ students and first year and second year+ transfer students in Statistics are required to fulfill a mandatory major advising requirement.  A registration hold will be placed on your record but will be removed once you have met your mandatory advising requirement. You can find out more about mandatory advising here.