First-Year Resources

Statistics and Data Science are major programs within the College of Letters and Science.  Students in the College of Letters and Science must complete Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising.  Aggie 101 and Aggie Advising will provide you with comprehensive advice about preparing for your first quarter and registering for classes.  Below is information specific to Statistics and Data Science majors.  

Upcoming Events (Summer 2024)

Data Science Freshman Webinar

Tuesday, July 9th 6pm


Statistics Freshman Webinar

Thursday, July 11th 6pm



First Quarter Preparation

STEP 1: Aggie 101

All incoming  freshman are expected to complete Aggie 101. This online program will get you acquainted with how UC Davis is structured, what resources we have to offer, and help you understand your non-major requirements. 

STEP 2: Aggie Advising

Complete the Aggie Advising Canvas Modules. These modules will provide you with additional details about your degree requirements and prepare you for registration.

Still have questions about your major requirements? Email your major advisor. The major advisors for Statistics and Data Science are Kim McMullen and Jeff Katz.  They can help you plan your major courses only. If you have questions about non-major requirements (e.g. GE, university, or college requirements), please contact your advisor in the College of Letters and Science.  

There will be additional major specific webinars, advising drop-in hours, etc. throughout the summer so be sure to check your UC Davis email. This page will also be updated as additional resources become available. 

Additional Resources: 

Data Science Major Checklist & Sample Plan

Statistics Major Checklists & Sample Plans

STEP 3: Registration

The College of Letters and Sciences has put together a comprehensive resource with information about registration.  Students register for classes using Schedule Builder.  Incoming students are automatically assigned a registration period to schedule their fall quarter classes. Registration will be begin for freshman in the College of Letters and Science on August 1st or 2nd. Check Schedule Builder for your assigned date and time.  This will be your first opportunity to register, but there are additional registration periods as well.  

Be sure to check your UC Davis email for additional registration specific resources, webinars, and drop-in hours. 

STEP 4: Orientation

September 20-21 is the in-person Aggie Orientation.