Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program in Statistics

The statistics undergraduate program at UC Davis offers a large and varied collection of courses in statistical theory, methodology, and application. Based on these offerings, a student can complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics.  The Bachelor of Science has four emphases. Please follow the links below to find out more information about our major tracks.

Bachelor of Arts

  • Applied Statistics Track: emphasizes statistical applications. This major track is recommended for students who are interested in applications of statistical techniques to various disciplines, especially the social sciences.

Bachelor of Science

  • Applied Statistics Track: emphasizes statistical applications. This major track is recommended for students who are interested in applications of statistical techniques to various disciplines including the biological, physical and social sciences.
  • Computational Statistics Track: emphasizes computing. This major track is recommended for students interested in the computational and data management aspects of statistical analysis.
  • General Track: emphasizes statistical theory and is especially recommended as preparation for graduate study in statistics.
  • Statistical Data Science Track: emphasizes data handling skills and statistical computation. This track is recommended for students interested in statistical learning methodology, advanced data handling techniques and computational aspects of statistical analysis.

Student StudyingAll five options provide students with in-depth exposure to modern statistical reasoning and the science of statistical modeling. Majors develop the skills needed to utilize statistical techniques for addressing quantitative, data-based problems in fields as diverse as the biological and social sciences, engineering and technology, business, finance, and law, as well as health and education.

In this section of the website, you will find a wealth of information about the different program options in the statistics major, course requirements, sample schedules, advisors’ office hours, and etc. We put together a comprehensive list of on-campus resources and services. We also hope that you will read our advice and updates on internships and research. Lastly, please be sure to check our home page for upcoming department seminars and events to connect yourself to what’s happening at the Department of Statistics!

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