Alumni Spotlight-Ge Cheng

Ge Cheng

My name is Ge Cheng. I received my bachelor degrees at UC Davis in June 2016, with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Computational Statistics. After graduating, I became a technical data analyst in the industry. Statistics is everywhere in the industry, and the Department of Statistics has prepared me with various useful techniques to apply in daily work. The required courses of Computational Statistics degree were very interesting. To fulfill the degree requirement, I took not only statistics but also mathematics and computer science classes. These three subjects are highly correlated, and it was a really great experience to learn them together. I believe the mathematics and computer science classes enhanced my understanding of statistics materials.

Like many students, I once believed what we learned in class was trivial and not useful to future career and study. However, I changed my thought when joining the undergraduate research training program during my junior year. RTG is a wonderful opportunity to practice a student’s knowledge. I collaborated with a senior year student, along with mentorship of Professor Peng and Professor Paul. They patiently gave much guidance throughout the training. I improved my ability of tackling problems, debugging and analyzing subjects that were not familiar with. Other than RTG, a student have access to many other resources to improve himself or herself in this department. Overall, the professors and teaching assistants in this department are knowledgeable and warm-hearted. I am very thankful that I could learn from these talented people.