STA 290 Seminar: Patrick Wolfe (Remote Presentation)

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Remotely Presented via Zoom

Speaker: Patrick Wolfe, Professor of Statistics and Computer Science, Purdue University

Title: Modeling variation in network populations

Abstract: How do we draw sound and defensible conclusions and accomplish signal processing tasks when working with populations of networks, for example in comparing two sets of network observations, or evaluating the appropriateness of new statistical network models?  This talk will focus on areas of recent progress in understanding variability in network populations, along with the transformation of this understanding into new signal processing methods to model and draw inferences from network data in the real world. Along with practical examples and applications, the insights that result from connecting theory to practice also feed back into pure mathematics and theoretical computer science, prompting new questions at the interface of signal processing and these fields.

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Seminar Date/Time: Thursday April 9th, 4:10pm

This seminar will be delivered remotely via Zoom. To access the Zoom meeting for this seminar, please contact the instructor Shizhe Chen ( or Pete Scully ( for the meeting ID and password, stating your affiliation.