STA 103 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics

Units: 4

Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 1 hour

Catalog Description:
Descriptive statistics; probability; random variables; expectation; binomial, normal, Poisson, other univariate distributions; joint distributions; sampling distributions, central limit theorem; properties of estimators; linear combinations of random variables; testing and estimation; Minitab computing package.

Prerequisite: course 13, 32, or 100; and Mathematics 16B or 17C or 21B.

This course is intended as a second course in statistics for students who plan to take econometrics or other regression courses. It will cover theory which is not generally covered in an introductory course, review some applications and teach students to use the computer (Specifically the Minitab package) as a tool for analyzing data. The course is designed to be part of the curriculum for undergraduate students in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Summary of course contents:
Review of of populations versus samples, descriptive statistics, probability.  Random variables. Expected values and higher moments.  Binomial, normal, Poisson and other univariate distributions.  Marginal, joint, conditional distributions.  Sampling and sampling distributions, CLT.  Properties of estimators.  Linear combinations of random variables.  Testing and estimation.  Minitab  computer package. 

Two units credit given to students who have completed course 100.

Illustrative reading:

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Quantitative Literacy