STA 131A Introduction to Probability Theory

Units: 4

Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 1 hour

Catalog Description:
Fundamental concepts of probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, standard distributions, moments and moment-generating functions, laws of large numbers and the central limit theorem. 

Prerequisite: MAT 021B; MAT 021C; MAT 022A

Summary of course contents:
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Not open for credit to students who have completed Mathematics 135A.

Illustrative reading:
Introduction to Probability, G.G. Roussas, Academic Press, 2007 None


Potential Overlap:
There is no significant overlap with any one of the existing courses. The course STA 130A with which it is somewhat related, is the first part of a two part course, STA 130A,B covering both probability and statistical inference. STA 130A addresses itself to a different audience, and contains a brief introduction to probabilistic concepts at a less sophisticated level. The course MAT 135A is an introduction to probability theory from purely MAT and more advanced viewpoint. Although the two courses, MAT 135A and STA 131A discuss many of the same topics, the orientation and the nature of the discussion are quite distinct.