STA 200A Introduction to Probability Theory

Units: 4

Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 1 hour

Catalog Description:
Fundamental concepts of probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, standard distributions, moments and moment-generating functions, laws of large numbers and the central limit theorem.

Prerequisite: MAT 021A; MAT 021B; MAT 021C; MAT 022A; Consent of Instructor.

Summary of course contents:
Coming Soon

No credit to students who have taken course 131A.

Illustrative reading:
Introduction to Probability by G.G. Roussas

A First Course in Probability Theory by S. Ross


Potential Overlap:
The course material for STA 200A is the same as for STA 131A with the exception that students in STA 200A are given additional advanced reading material and additional homework assignments. The midterm and final examinations will differ from those of 131A in that they will include material covered in the additional reading assignments.

First offered Fall 2016.