STA 390

Subject: STA 390
Title: Methods of Teaching Statistics
Units: 2.0
SchooL: College of Letters and Science LS
Department: Statistics STA
Grade: S/U grading only
Effective Term: 2004 Spring

Learning Activities

  • Lecture/Discussion - 1.0 hours
  • Laboratory - 1.0 hours


Practical experience in methods/problems of teaching statistics at university undergraduate level. Lecturing techniques, analysis of tests and supporting material, preparation and grading of examinations, and use of statistical software. Emphasis on practical training. May be repeated for credit.


Graduate standing.

Repeat Credit

May be repeated for credit.

Expanded Course Description

Summary of Course Content: 
Introduction; TA Handbook; How to do exam grading
Grading a sample exam
Tips for overcoming nervousness
How to conduct in-class projects in statistics classes 

Illustrative Reading: 
TA Handbook developed by the Department of Statistics and updated annually. A few additional readings are given during the quarter. Examples: Utts, J.M. (2003). "What educated citizens should know about statistics and probability," The American Statistician, 57(2), 74-79. "Teaching Tips for the First Day of Class," Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (online at: 

Potential Course Overlap: