May 10: Dmitri Krioukov

DATE:             Thursday May 10th, 4:10pm

LOCATION:    MSB 2112 (2nd floor, Math Dept)

REFRESHMENTS: 3:30pm, MSB 4110

SPEAKER:      Dmitri Krioukov, Associate Professor, Northeastern University

TITLE:             “Exchangeability and projectivity in sparse random graphs”

ABSTRACT:   Exchangeability and projectivity are two basic statistical requirements to random graphs models of real networks. There are no problems satisfying them both in dense graphs, as any graphon-based random graphs, for instance, are both exchangeable and projective. Yet combining these properties in sparse random graphs has been a major impasse that led to a collection of research efforts in different directions. We will review these and other requirements to statistically satisfactory network models, recent progress in this active research area, as well as the class of latent-space network models that at present appear quite promising and attractive from the statistical perspective, in terms of satisfying the discussed requirements -- sparsity, exchangeability and projectivity in the first place.