May 17: Raissa D’Souza, UC Davis

DATE:             Thursday May 24th, 4:10pm

LOCATION:    MSB 1147, Colloquium Room


SPEAKER:      Raissa D’Souza, Professor, Computer Science / Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Davis – web page

TITLE:             “Explosive Percolation on Complex Networks”

ABSTRACT:   The emergence of large-scale connectivity on an underlying network or lattice, the so-called percolation transition, has a profound impact on the system’s macroscopic behaviors. There is thus great interest in controlling the location of the percolation transition to either enhance or delay its onset and, more generally, in understanding the consequences of such interventions. Here we review explosive percolation, the sudden emergence of large-scale connectivity that results from a dynamical graph evolution process that suppresses the growth of large clusters. These transitions exhibit unanticipated and exciting phenomena that make explosive percolation an emerging paradigm for modeling real-world systems ranging from social networks to nanotubes.  We will briefly introduce the notion of Explosive Synchronization describing a related phenomena of abrupt emergence of order in a dynamical process unfolding on a network.