May 3, Matthew Espe (Student Seminar Series)

Student Seminar Series

DATE:              Wednesday May 3rd, 2017, 11:10am

LOCATION:      MSB 1147 (Colloquium Room).

SPEAKER:         Matthew Espe, (Post-Doc, Data Science Initiative / Plant Sciences, UC Davis)

TITLE:              “Bayesian modeling using Stan”

ABSTRACT:      I will cover some basics of using MCMC to solve applied problems in agricultural science. A brief introduction to Stan, a probabilistic programming language and the various interfaces to using it via other high level languages (R, Python, etc) will be followed by some case studies of applications to real world problems. No previous experience with Stan or MCMC is assumed, and the talk will mostly focus on considerations in application rather than theory.

Spring 2017 Student Seminar Series

This seminar series is organized by PhD Students Irene Kim and Ozan Sonmez.