Fushing Hsieh, Ph.D.

Fushing Hsieh

Position Title

  • Statistics
4238 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • Data Mechanics and Integrative Pattern Inferences on Complex Systems

Recent Publications

  • Hsieh Fushing, Shu-Chun, Chen and Chii-Ruey, Hwang (2012) Discovering stock dynamics through multidimensional volatility-phases. Quantitative Finance. 12, 213–230.
  • Hsieh Fushing, Shu-Chen Chen and Chii-Ruey Hwang. (2010) Non-parametric decoding on discrete time series and its application in bioinformatics.  Statistics in Bioscience. 2, 18-40. 
  • Hsieh Fushing, Emilio Ferrer, Shuchun Chen, Iris B. Mauss and James J.(2011) Examining coherence in emotion response system through network structure and signal transmission. Psychometrika, 76, 124-152.
  • Chang, Lo-Bin, Geman, Stuart,  Hsieh, Fushing and Hwang Chii-Ruey.  (2013). Invariance in the recurrence of large returns and the validation of models of price dynamics. Phy. Rev. E, 88, 022116
  • Hsieh Fushing, Shu-Chen Chen and Chii-Ruey Hwang. (2013). Discovering focal regions of slightly-aggregated sparse signals. Computational Statistics, 28, 2295-2308
  • Hsieh Fushing, Shu-Chen Chen and Chii-Ruey Hwang. (2014). Single stock dynamics on high-frequency data: From a compressed coding perspective. PLoS One 9(2): e85018