James Sharpnack, Ph.D.

James Sharpnack

Position Title
Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Statistics
4107 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • Graph Structured Signal Processing
  • Scan Statistics over Networks
  • Estimation in High-dimensions

Recent Publications

  • UCD Statistics Seminar Graph Signal Processing: Methods and Applications, James Sharpnack, presentation at JSM 2018.
  • Adaptive Non-Parametric Regression With the K-NN Fused Lasso, Oscar Hernan Madrid Padilla, James Sharpnack, Yanzhen Chen, Daniela M. Witten, July 2018, (ArXiV preprint)
  • Distributed Cartesian Power Graph Segmentation for Graphon Estimation, S. Wei, O.H. Madrid-Padilla, J. Sharpnack, May. 2018, (ArXiV preprint)
  • Fused Density Estimation: Theory and Methods, R. Bassett, J. Sharpnack, May. 2018, (ArXiV preprint)
  • Learning Patterns for Detection with Multiscale Scan Statistics, J. Sharpnack, Jan. 2018, accepted to COLT 2018, (ArXiV preprint, Presentation)


  • Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D.