Thomas Lee, Ph.D.

Thomas Lee

Position Title
Professor, Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences


4220 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • Nonparametic and Semiparametric Modeling
  • Statistical Learning
  • Statistical Image and Signal Processing
  • Statistical applications in other scientific disciplines

Recent Publications

  • Gao, Qi; Lee, Thomas C. M.; Yau, Chun Yip (2017), "Nonparametric Modeling and Break Point Detection for Time Series Signal of Counts", Signal Processing 138, 307-312.
  • McConville, Kelly S.; Breidt, F. Jay; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Moisen, Gretchen G. (2017), "Model-Assisted Survey Regression Estimation with the Lasso", Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 5, 131-158.
  • Wong, Raymond K. W.; Storlie, Curtis B. and Lee, Thomas C. M. (2017), "A Frequentist Approach to Computer Model Calibration", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B 79, 635-648.
  • Fan, Minjie; Paul, Debashis; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Matsuo, Tomoko (2017+), "A Multi-Resolution Model for Non-Gaussian Random Fields on a Sphere with Application to Ionospheric Electrostatic Potentials", Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear.
  • Fan, Minjie; Paul, Debashis; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Matsuo, Tomoko (2017+), "Modeling Tangential Vector Fields on a Sphere", Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear.
  • Wong, Raymond K. W. and Lee, Thomas C. M. (2017+), "Matrix Completion with Noisy Entries and Outliers", Journal of Machine Learning Research 79, to appear.


  • Macquarie University and CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Sydney, Australia, Ph.D.