Thomas Lee, Ph.D.

Thomas Lee

Position Title
Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Statistics
4220 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • Nonparametic and Semiparametric Modeling
  • Statistical Learning
  • Statistical Image and Signal Processing
  • Statistical applications in other scientific disciplines

Recent Publications

  • Gao, Qi; Lee, Thomas C. M.; Yau, Chun Yip (2017), "Nonparametric Modeling and Break Point Detection for Time Series Signal of Counts", Signal Processing 138, 307-312.
  • McConville, Kelly S.; Breidt, F. Jay; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Moisen, Gretchen G. (2017), "Model-Assisted Survey Regression Estimation with the Lasso", Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 5, 131-158.
  • Wong, Raymond K. W.; Storlie, Curtis B. and Lee, Thomas C. M. (2017), "A Frequentist Approach to Computer Model Calibration", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B 79, 635-648.
  • Fan, Minjie; Paul, Debashis; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Matsuo, Tomoko (2017+), "A Multi-Resolution Model for Non-Gaussian Random Fields on a Sphere with Application to Ionospheric Electrostatic Potentials", Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear.
  • Fan, Minjie; Paul, Debashis; Lee, Thomas C. M. and Matsuo, Tomoko (2017+), "Modeling Tangential Vector Fields on a Sphere", Journal of the American Statistical Association, to appear.
  • Wong, Raymond K. W. and Lee, Thomas C. M. (2017+), "Matrix Completion with Noisy Entries and Outliers", Journal of Machine Learning Research 79, to appear.


  • Macquarie University and CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences, Sydney, Australia, Ph.D.