Xiaodong Li, Ph.D.

Xiaodong Li

Position Title
Assistant Professor


4109 Mathematical Sciences Building
One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Research Interests

  • High-Dimensional Statistics
  • Network Analysis
  • Machine Learning Theory
  • Mathematical Signal Processing

Recent Publications

  • Convex Relaxation Methods for Community Detection [PDF] Xiaodong Li, Yudong Chen, and Jiaming Xu, submitted.
  • Subspace Perspective on Canonical Correlation Analysis: Dimension Reduction and Minimax Rates [PDF] Zhuang Ma and Xiaodong Li, submitted.
  • Memory-efficient Kernel PCA via Partial Matrix Sampling and Nonconvex Optimization: a Model-free Analysis of Local Minima [PDF] Ji Chen and Xiaodong Li, submitted.
  • Rapid, Robust, and Reliable Blind Deconvolution via Nonconvex Optimization [PDF] Xiaodong Li, Shuyang Ling, Thomas Strohmer, and Ke Wei, Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, to appear.
  • Optimal Rates of Convergence for Noisy Sparse Phase Retrieval via Thresholded Wirtinger Flow [PDF] T. Tony Cai, Xiaodong Li (corresponding author), and Zongming Ma, the Annals of Statistics 44(5), 2221-2251, 2016.
  • Dense error correction for low-rank matrices via principal component pursuit [PDF] A. Ganesh, J. Wright, X. Li, E. Candes and Y. Ma, Information Theory Proceedings (ISIT), 2010 IEEE International Symposium on, 1513-1517.


  • Stanford University, Ph.D