UC Berkeley/Davis Joint Colloquium: Michael Jordan

2014 UC Berkeley / UC Davis Joint Statistics Colloquium

Time: Thursday, May 1st, 4:10pm
Refreshments at 3:30pm in Colloquium Room

Location: MSB 1147 Colloquium Room,
Mathematical Sciences Building,
399 Crocker Lane, UC Davis

Speaker: Michael Jordan, UC Berkeley

Title: On the Statistical – Computational Interface

Abstract: The rapid growth in the size and scope of datasets in science and technology has created a need for novel foundational perspectives on data analysis that blend the statistical and computational sciences. A particularly critical need is that of obtaining guarantees on statistical risk that incorporate notions of computational complexity, and in particular of runtime. Taking statistical decision theory as a point of departure, we treat ``externalities'' such as computation, communication and privacy as constraints on estimation procedures, and explore the tradeoffs that result.

Joint work with Venkat Chandrasekaran, John Duchi, Martin Wainwright and Yuchen Zhang.