Statistics students win Data Mining Cup 2016

6/28/16: We are delighted and  proud to announce that a team of six Statistics PhD students has won the 2016 Data Mining Cup (DMC). The team, pictured below, are (left to right): Nana Wang, Qi Gao, Jilei Yang, Minjie Fan, Chunzhe Zhang and Hao Ji.

Data Mining Cup Winners 2016

Two members of the team, Hao Ji and Nana Wang, traveled to Berlin, Germany, for the final event, where the winners were announced on June 28. (Photo below of Hao and Nana, courtesy of Prudsys AG)

Hao Ji Nana Wang Data Mining Cup Winners 2016

Please join us in extending our warm congratulations!

The Data Mining Cup (DMC) competition is an international competition specifically for college students in data mining. This year, a total of 120 teams from 30 countries took part in the globally established student competition for intelligent data analysis. Our student team was invited to the Prudsys personalization summit in Berlin on June 28/29 to present their results after being ranked among the top 10 in the world.  The winning team, all from Statistics at UC Davis, was announced at the summit. 

Data Mining Cup Facebook post announcing the winners, 6/28/16

Video of the presentation (from the Data Mining Cup Facebook page), 6/28/16

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