STA 192 Final Report


The final report must be completed by the last day of instruction of the quarter in which you are taking STA 192.  It will be evaluated by the faculty and you will be assigned a grade (P/NP).  

STA 192 Final Report

e.g. Data Science Intern, Business Analyst Intern, etc. 
e.g. Accenture, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, etc.
Please submit a report detailing your internship experience.  


1. Maximum of 2 pages (in 10 to 12 point fonts, single spacing).

2. Must contain the following sections:
  • Description of the project, its duration and goals. 
  • What has been accomplished?
  • What skills from courses already taken were most useful and what sort of new skills were learnt during the internship?
  • How does this internship impact your future goals?

One file only.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf.