2019 UC Berkeley - UC Davis Joint Colloquium

Hao Chen Berkeley Davis Colloquium 2019

Event Date

3106 Etcheverry Hall, UC BERKELEY

LOCATION: UC BERKELEY – 3106 Etcheverry Hall

SPEAKER: Hao Chen,  University of California, Davis

TITLE: “Cooperating with the Curse of Dimensionality”

ABSTRACT: The curse of dimensionality arises when analyzing high-dimensional data and non-Euclidean data, such as network data, which are ubiquitous nowadays.  It causes counter-intuitive phenomena and makes traditional statistical tools less effective or inapplicable.   On the other hand, some counter-intuitive phenomena might be explained by some universal patterns, which could be used to form new effective tools in dealing with high-dimensional/non-Euclidean data.   In this talk, one such unique pattern is explored and applied to fundamental statistical tasks, including hypothesis testing and cluster analysis, leading to substantial improvements in conducting these tasks for high-dimensional/non-Euclidean data.  Some other related topics will also be briefly discussed.

DATE:  Thursday, April 25th, 4:00pm

The UC Berkeley - UC Davis Joint Colloquium is an event held annually by the Statistics Departments of UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Each campus takes turns in hosting a speaker from the other; this year UC Berkeley hosts Assistant Professor Hao Chen from UC Davis. Here are a few from recent years...

2018 - Yun Song“Ribosomes, traffic jams, and phase transitions”

2017 - Ethan Anderes, "Lensing and delensing the cosmic microwave background”

2016Bin Yu, "Unveiling the mysteries in spatial gene expression"

2015 - Debashis Paul, "Spectral analysis of linear time series in high dimensions"

2014 - Michael Jordan, "On the Statistical – Computational Interface"