Seminars 2005-06

Spring 2006

Spring 2006   organizer: Wolfgang Polonik
Date Speaker Institution Title
3/30/2006 Emilio Ferrer Psychology, UC Davis A Linear Model of Difference Scores for Studying Developmental Dynamics
4/6/2006 Katherine Pollard Statistics, UC Davis Multiple hypothesis testing for high dimensional biological data
4/13/2006 Norm Matloff Computer Science, UC Davis How One Can Estimate Web-Access Rates with (Almost) No Data
4/20/2006 Myles Hollander Florida State Univ. Nonparametric Bayesian Methods for Repair Models
4/24/2006 Moshe Shaked Mathematics, U. Arizona Stochastic Ordering of Minima
4/27/2006 Richard Davis Statistics, Colorado State U. Structural Break Detection in Time Series Models
5/4/2006 Inigo Steinwart Los Alamos National Laboratory Surrogate Loss functions for Finding Density Level Sets
5/11/2006 Debashis Paul Statistics, UC Davis Principal Component Analysis for Structured High Dimensional Data
5/18/2006 Oscar Jorda Economics, UC Davis Projection Minimum Distance: an Estimator for Mutivariate Dynamic Systems
5/25/2006 Philip B. Stark UC Berkeley Shaking Down Earthquake Predictions
6/1/2006 Nicolai Meinshausen ETH Zürich, Switzerland, UC Berkeley The Search for Small Objects in the Outer Solar System. How Many Are There?

Winter 2006

Winter 2006    
Date Speaker Institution Title
3/2/2006 Alexandre Tsybakov Univ. of Paris VI Learning by Mirror Averaging
3/9/2006 Lutz Duembgen Univ. Bern, Switzerland Log-Concavity and Density Estimation

Note: I have no previous seminar records. - Pete