Seminars 2007-08

Summer 2008

Summer 2008    
Date Speaker Institution Title
7/22/2008 John Aston Academia Sinica, Taiwan Runs, Patterns and Change-points: An HMM Perspective
9/11/2008 Jacek Leskow National Louis University, Nowy Sacz, Poland Resampling for Nonstationary Stochastic Models

Spring 2008

Spring 2008   Organizer: Jiming Jiang
Date Speaker Institution Title
4/3/2008 Ulrich Stadtmueller Univ. Ulm, Germany On Some Deconvolution Problems
4/10/2008 Samuel Schmidt Physics, UC Davis An introduction to photometric redshifts
4/17/2008 Qiwei Yao London School of Economics, UK Modelling High Dimensional Daily Volatilities Based on High-Frequency Data
4/24/2008 Bo Lindqvist Norwegian Univ of Science & Technology, Norway Monte Carlo Conditioning on a sufficent statistic
5/1/2008 Michael Rosenblum UC Berkeley Using Regression Models to Analyze Randomized Trials: Asymptotically Valid Hypothesis Tests Despite Incorrectly Specified Models
5/8/2008 Annie Qu Oregon State Univ Consistent Model Selection and Data-driven Smooth Tests for Longitudinal Data in the Estimating Equations Approach
5/15/2008 James Ramsay McGill Univ, Canada ModelingChange: Incorporating Dynamic Components into Data Analysis
5/22/2008 Debashis Paul Statistics, UC Davis Principal Components analysis for correlated functional and high dimensional data
5/29/2008 Jie Peng Statistics, UC Davis Partial Correlation Estimation by Joint Sparse Regression Models
6/5/2008 Haiyan Huang UC Berkeley Statistical Methods for inferring gene expression similarities

Winter 2008

Winter 2008   Organizer: Rituparna Sen
Date Speaker Institution Title
1/8/2008 Bo Li UCAR Nonparametric Assessment of Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions and its Application in Paleoclimate Reconstruction
1/10/2008 Per Mykland Statistics, Univ Chicago Inference for Continuous Semimartingales Observed at High Frequency: A General Approach
1/15/2008 David Mason Univ. Delaware Risk Bounds for Kernel Density Estimators
1/17/2008 Jean Opsomer Statistics, Colorado State Univ Endogenous Post-stratification in Surveys
1/18/2008 Faming Liang Texas A&M Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo and Its Applications
1/24/2008 Ingeleif Hallgrímsdóttir The Statistics of Interaction in Genetics
1/24/2008 Ben Morris Mathematics, UC Davis  Improved Mixing Time Bounds for the L-Reversal Chain and Thorp Shuffle
1/29/2008 Ethan Anderes UC Berkeley Two Topics in Spatial Statistics: Estimating Cloud Height from Multi-Angle Satellite Imagery and Deformed Random Fields
1/30/2008 Bo Sen Statistics, U. Michigan Bootstrap in some Non-standard Problems
1/31/2008 Marc Coram Dept Health Research & Policy, Stanford Univ Allele Frequency Estimation by Borrowing Strength across Populations
2/4/2008 Richard Umstaetter NASA, Jet Propulsion Lab Bayesian strategies for gravitational radiation data analysis
2/7/2008 Cari Kaufman SAMSI & National Center for Atmospheric Research Models for Models: Statistical Methods for Climate Model Output and Other Massive Datasets
2/14/2008 Xiao Wang Univ. Maryland Nonparametric Estimation of Dark Matter Distributions
2/21/2008 Jonathan Hill Economics, Univ North Carolina Tail Trimmed Sums for Dependent, Heterogeneous Data, with Applications to Robust GMM
2/28/2008 Aaron Smith Agriculture & Resource Economics, UC Davis Markov Breaks in Regression Models

Fall 2007

Fall 2007     Organizer: Fushing Hsieh
Date Speaker Institution Title
9/27/2007 Jane-Ling Wang Statistics, UC Davis Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
10/4/2007 Arne Bang Huseby Univ. Oslo, Norway Signed Domination of Oriented Matroid System
10/11/2007 Ji Meng Loh  Columbia U Bootstrapping spatial data
10/18/2007 Carrie Grimes  Google Statistical Problems at Google: Estimation of Web Page Change Rates 
10/25/2007 Eric Chi Amgen Drug Development and Some Statistical Applications in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
11/1/2007 Kevin J. Grimm Psychology, UC Davis Multitrait-Multimethod Models for Developmental Research
11/8/2007 Chuck McCulloch Biostatistics, UCSF Prediction of Random Effects and Effects of Misspecification of their Distribution
11/16/2007 Kaare Christensen Univ. of Southern Denmark, Odense DK Why do we age so differently? The Danish Twin and Oldest-Old Studies
11/29/2007 Ching-Shui Cheng UC Berkeley Construction of minimum aberration designs
12/11/2007 Chi-Hse Teng           Pfizer St Louis and La Jolla Lab A Real Story of Searching for Hopes - An Overview of a Genomics Project for Searching Biological Targets