Seminars 2010-11

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Fall 2010

Fall 2010     Organizer: Thomas Lee
Date Speaker Institution Title
23-Sep-10 Herman Chernoff Harvard University P.K. Bhattacharya, I.E. Segal and me: Reminiscences
28-Sep-10 Dragi Anevski Lund University (Sweden) Monotone spectral density estimation
30-Sep-10 Boaz Nalder Weizmann Institute of Science Semi-supervised learning: global vs multiscale methods and harmonic analysis
7-Oct-10 Brian Kulis UC Berkeley Learning transformations for adaptation and search 
14-Oct-10 Guy Nason Univ. Bristol (UK) Costationarity of locally stationary time-series
21-Oct-10 Wolfgang Polonik Dept Statistics, UC Davis  Testing for modality, residual empirical process and weighted sums for time varying processes
28-Oct-10 Thomas C.M. Lee Dept Statistics, UC Davis  Generalized fiducial inference and its application to wavelet regression
4-Nov-10 Liang Peng Georgia Tech Interval Estimation for AR(1) and GARCH(1,1) Models
18-Nov-10 Jay Breidt Colorado State  Penalized Balance Sampling

Winter 2011 

Winter 2011   Organizer: Jane-Ling Wang
Date Speaker Institution Title
6-Jan-11 Byeong Park Seoul National U (Korea) Smooth Backfitting for Generalized Varying Coefficient Models
13-Jan-11 Wing Hung Wong Stanford U  Gene Regulatory Networks and Stable Cellular States
20-Jan-11 David Banks Duke U  Adversarial Risk Analysis
27-Jan-11 Richard Grotjahn Dept of Land, Air & Water Resources, UC Davis  Some extreme statistics aplied to a scheme that downscales upper air data to identify California Central Valley hottest days
10-Feb-11 George Tiao U Chicago  Model Heterogeneity in Data Analysis: Detecting Clusters and Outliers via Cross-Validating Predictive Distributions
17-Feb-11 Hans-Georg Mueller  Statistics, UC Davis  Beyond functional linear regression
24-Feb-11 Yulia Gel  U Waterloo (Canada)  Banded regularization of autocovariance matrices in application to parameter estimation and forecasting of time series
3-Mar-11 Joseph Richards UC Berkeley  Time-Series Classification for Astronomical Surveys
7-Mar-11 (Monday 1:10pm) Jacek Leskow Polish-American Grad School of Management, Poland Resampling methods for nonstationary almost periodic stochastic models

Spring 2011

Spring 2011   Organizer: Paul Baines
Date Speaker Institution Title
31-Mar-11 Klaus-Robert Müller Technical Univ. Berlin (Germany) Towards Brain Computer Interfacing
7-Apr-11 Arnaud Doucet Univ. British Columbia (Canada) Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
14-Apr-11 Xiao-Li Meng (Shumway Lecture I) Harvard Univ. Simpson’s paradox and its impact on your life
14-Apr-11 John Rice (Shumway Lecture II) UC Berkeley Time Series Analysis in Astronomy
21-Apr-11 Andrew Latimer Plant Sciences, UC Davis Hierarchical Models for Plant Species Distributions
28-Apr-11 Fushing Hsieh Statistics, UC Davis Rank & Odds: NCAA Football and Rhesus Macaque
5-May-11 Ana Arribas Gil Univ Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) Robust depth-based estimation in the time-warping model
10-May-11 (Tue) Peter Kim (2011 Joint Math/Stat Colloquium) Univ. Guelph Multivariate Topological Data Analysis
12-May-11 Jiming Jiang Statistics, UC Davis  Selecting the Lasso/SCAD regularization parameters - the adaptive fence ideas in action
19-May-11 Ethan Anderes Statistics, UC Davis  Weighing the Dark Sky

Summer 2011

Summer 2011    
Date Speaker Institution Title

Wenceslao González Manteiga 

Univ. de Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

General views of the goodness-of-fit tests for statistical models. Applications in finance and environmental problems