Seminars 2011-12

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Fall 2011

Fall 2011     Organizer: Fushing Hsieh
Date Speaker Institution Title
29-Sep-11 Galina Hale Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco Global banking network and international capital flows
6-Oct-11 Brad Barber Graduate School of Management, UC Davis The earnings announcement premium around the globe
13-Oct-11 Andrew Sornborger Dept Math, Georgia U A multivariate, multitaper approach to detecting and estimating harmonic response in optical imaging data
20-Oct-11 Dawei Lin Genome Center, UC Davis  Digitizing biology through high-through DNA sequencing
27-Oct-11 Noreddine El Karoui Dept Statistics, UC Berkeley  Some remarks on penalized and robust regression in high-dimension
1-Nov-11 Victor Panaretos Ecole Polytechniqe Fédérale Lausanne, Switzerland Second-order comparison of functional properties and the mechanical properties of DNA
3-Nov-11 Patrice Koehl Dept Computer Science / Genome Center, UC Davis Protein structure and sequence spaces: how big are they?
9-Nov-11 Raj Rao Nadakuditi Dept Electrical Engineering, Univ Michigan Random matrix theory and the informational limit of eigen-analysis
10-Nov-11 Sandrine Dudoit Dept Statistics, UC Berkeley Normalization and Differential Expression in RNA-Seq
17-Nov-11 Ori Davidov U Haifa, Israel The linear stochastic order and directed inference for multivariate ordered distributions 
1-Dec-11 Anne Smith Dept Anesthesiology & Pain Med, UC Davis Statistics for understanding learning in neurophysiological experiments

Winter 2012

Winter 2012 Organizer: Jie Peng
Date Speaker Institution Title
12-Jan-12 Vladimir Filkov Dept Computer Sci, UC Davis From architecture to function in biological networks
19-Jan-12 Andrea Montanari Dept Electrical Engineering & Statistics, Stanford U Sharp thresholds in statistical estimation
26-Jan-12 Owen Carmichael Dept Neurology / Dept Computer Sci, UC Davis Statistical challenges in diffusion MRI and resting state functional MRI
2-Feb-12 Hao Zhang Dept Statistics, Purdue U Infill asymptotics in spatial statistics
9-Feb-12 Daniel Vogel Dept Statistics, Technishe Universität, Dortmund An efficient and robust test for change-point in correlation
16-Feb-12 Paul Baines Dept Statistics, UC Davis Interwoven EM algorithms
22-Feb-12 Yun Song Dept EECS / Dept Statistics, UC Berkeley Sampling distributions in evolutional biology
23-Feb-12 Martin Wainwright Dept EECS / Dept Statistics, UC Berkeley Sparse and smooth: an optimal convex relaxation for high-dimensional kernel regression
1-Mar-12 Bruce Rannala Genome Center, UC Davis A Bayesian approach to species dlimitation
8-Mar-12 Lexin Li Dept Statistics, North Carolina State U Tensor regression with applications in neuroimaging data analysis
15-Mar-12 Alexander Soshnikov Dept Math, UC Davis On outliers in the spectrum of finite rank deformations of Wigner matrices

Spring 2012

Spring 2012 Organizer: Chris Drake
Date Speaker Institution Title
4-Apr-12 Michael Jordan (Math/Stat Symposium)

UC Berkeley

Statistics and computation in the age of massive data


*1:10pm, MSB 1143

Hongwei Zhao Texas A&M Generalized redistribute-to-the-right algorithm: application to the analysis of censored cost data
5-Apr-12 Liza Levina U Michigan Consistency of community detection and probability models in networks
9-Apr-12 Chunming Zhang U Wisconsin Robust inference in regression and classification methods for large dimensional data
12-Apr-12 Nello Cristianini U Bristol, UK Patterns in news and social media content
19-Apr-12 Nicoleta Serban Georgia Tech Multilevel functional clustering analysis
26-Apr-12 George Fein (2012 Shumway Lecture) President, Neurological Behavioral Research Inc The 'noise' in ERP studies of alcoholics contains a signal of potential crucial importance
3-May-12 Rasmus Nielsen (Berkeley/Davis Colloquium) UC Berkeley Statistical problems in the analysis of next-generation sequencing data
9-May-12 Edward Ionides U Michigan Inference for partially observed stochastic dynamic systems
10-May-12 Shaw-Hwa Lo Columbia U Locating a few needles in a haystack: discovering infleuntial variables: a review
17-May-12 Debashis Paul UC Davis A regularization of Hotelling's $T^2$ for hih-dimensional data
24-May-12 Hung Chen National Taiwan U On effectiveness of k-means clustering of functional data with marginal covariance matrix
31-May-12 Anna Panorska U Nevada, Reno Trivariate models for stochastic episodes with applications to hydrology, climate and finance

Summer 2012

Summer 2012
Date Speaker Institution Title



Jeng-Min Chiou Academia Sinica (Taiwan) Functional Mixture Prediction with Application to Traffic Flow Analysis
30-Aug-12 2:10pm Andreas Jensen University of Southern Denmark Discrimination of marked point processes with applications in cacner research