Seminars 2015-16

FALL 2015:

Fall Seminar Instructor: Fushing Hsieh

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract

Thursday, Sept 24

James Sharpnack Statistics, UC Davis "Trend filtering on graphs" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Oct 1 Tomoyuki Ichiba UC Santa Barbara "Walsh semimartingales and diffusions on metric graphs" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Oct 8 Rob Hyndman Monash Univ. "Optimal forecast reconciliation for big time series data" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Oct 15 Chris Fassnacht Physics, UC Davis "Measuring Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Oct 22 Patrice Koehl Computer Sci, UC Davis "Measuring the geometric similarities of genus-zero surfaces" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Oct 29 Martin Hilbert Communication, UC Davis "Big Data, Big Opportunities, Big Threats" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Nov 5 Andy Sih Environmental Sci & Policy, UC Davis "Integrating behavioral syndromes (aka animal personalities) with social behavior and ecology" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Nov 12 Susan Holmes  Stanford Univ. "Analyzing data from perturbation experiments: the case of  the  human microbiome" - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Nov 19 Joan Bruna Estrach UC Berkeley "Signal Recovery from Scattering Convolutional Networks" - ABSTRACT


WINTER 2016:

Fall Seminar Instructor: Prof. Hans-Georg Mueller

Location: MSB 1147, Colloquium Room. Thursdays at 4:10pm (unless otherwise stated - please note that the first weeks of January have multiple seminars each week).

ALL SEMINARS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Students who wish to register for STA 290 credit (1 unit), please contact the instructor for instructions on minimum attendance for credit. 

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract

Tuesday Jan 5

Weijie Su
Stanford Univ.
"Multiple Testing and Adaptive Estimation via the Sorted L-One Norm" - ABSTRACT
Wednesday Jan 6
Bhaswar Bhattacharya
Stanford Univ. “Power of Graph-Based Two-Sample Tests” - ABSTRACT
Thursday, Jan 7
Chao Gao
Yale Univ. “Network analysis: community detection and graphon estimation” - ABSTRACT
Tuesday Jan 12 Mariana Olvera-Cravioto
Columbia Univ.
"Efficient simulation for weighted branching trees" - ABSTRACT
Wednesday Jan 13 Yun Yang UC Berkeley “Computationally efficient high-dimensional variable selection via Bayesian procedures” - ABSTRACT
Thursday Jan 14 Yen-Chi Chen Carnegie Mellon Univ. "Statistical inference using geometric features" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday Jan 19 (4:10pm) Can Le Univ. Michigan "Structure of sparse random networks" - ABSTRACT
Wednesday Jan 20 (10:30am) Julia Palacios Harvard Univ. / Brown Univ. “Inference of Population Size Trajectories from Genomic Data” - ABSTRACT
Thursday Jan 21 NO SEMINAR
Thursday Jan 28 NO SEMINAR

Tuesday Feb 2
Sayan Mukherjee
Duke Univ.
"Inference and dynamics" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 4
NO SEMINAR: Xiaodong Li's seminar has been moved to March 3
Thursday Feb 11 Satish Iyengar
Univ. Pittsburgh
"Lower Tail Independence of Hitting Times of Two-Dimensional Diffusions" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 18 Francisco Beltran
Lawrence Livermore Statistics Group
"Measuring the effects of volcanic areosols on different climate variables" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Feb 25 Aaditya Ramdas
UC Berkeley
"The p-Filter: multilayer FDR control for grouped hypotheses" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Mar 3 Xiaodong Li
Statistics, UC Davis
“Convexified modularity maximization for degree-corrected stochastic block models” - ABSTRACT
Thursday Mar 10 Jinchi Lv
Univ. Southern California
"Interaction Pursuit with Feature Screening and Selection" - ABSTRACT
Thursday Mar 17 NO SEMINAR



Spring 2016 Seminar Instructor: Hao Chen

Date Speaker Institution Title / Abstract

Thursday March 31

Gourab Mukherjee
Univ. Southern California
“Empirical Bayes Prediction for the Multivariate Newsvendor Loss Function” - ABSTRACT
MONDAY April 4, 10:00am
Greg Rice
University of Waterloo
"Stationarity testing and break date estimation with functional time series" - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 7 Xiaoming Huo Georgia Tech "A Distributed Estimator based on a One-Step Approach"- ABSTRACT
Thursday April 14
Bin Yu
UC Berkeley *UC BERKELEY / UC DAVIS JOINT SEMINAR* Title: "Unveiling the mysteries in spatial gene expression" - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 21 Bimal Sinha
Univ. Maryland
"An overview of data analysis under confidentiality protection - analysis of noise multiplied and synthetic data" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday April 26
NL Shasha Jumbe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
“Precision Public Health: Precision Targeting of Prevention and Therapeutic Interventions in vulnerable populations” - ABSTRACT
Thursday April 28 Lek-Heng Lim Univ. Chicago
Thursday May 5
Runze Li
Penn State Univ.
"Hypothesis testing on linear structures of high dimensional covariance matrix" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday May 10 Tingting Zhang Univ. Virginia "Bayesian Inference of High-Dimensional, Cluster-Structured Ordinary Differential Equation Models with Applications to Brain Connectivity Studies" - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 12 Yajun Mei
Georgia Tech.
"Scalable SUM-shrinkage schemes for monitoring large-scale data streams" - ABSTRACT
Tuesday May 17 Stanislav Volgushev Cornell Univ. "Distributed computing for quantile regression: a statistical analysis" - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 19 Yanming Di
Oregon State Univ.
“Identify stably expressed genes from multiple RNA-Seq data sets” - ABSTRACT
Thursday May 26 Han Liu
Princeton Univ.
“Nonparametric Graphical Model” - ABSTRACT
Thursday June 2
Wen Zhou
Colorado State Univ.
“Some new statistical testing procedures under weak conditions on the dependence structure” - ABSTRACT



No Seminars in Summer 2016