Seminars 2006-07

Summer 2007

Summer 2007    
Date Speaker Institution Title
6/19/2007 Yichao Wu Princeton University Semiparametric estimation of covariance matrices for longitudinal data
6/22/2007 Damla Senturk Pennsylvania State U Conditional Correlation for Covariate Adjustment

Spring 2007

Spring 2007   organizer: Debashis Paul
Date Speaker Institution Title
3/29/2007 Anandamayee Majumdar Arizona State U, Phoenix Gradients in Spatial Reponse Surfaces, with an Application to Urban Land Values
4/5/2007 Danielle Harvey Biostatistics / Public Health, UC Davis Biologically Driven Data Reduction of High Dimensional Spatially Correlated Data
4/12/2007 Makram Talih City Univ. of New York, Hunter College Geodesic Markov Chains on Covariance Matrices
4/17/2007 Helen Massam York Univ, Toronto Flexible Covariance Estimation in Gaussian Graphical Models
Bala Rajaratnam SAMSI
4/19/2007 Lihong Qi Biostatistics / Public Health, UC Davis Statistical Methods for Proportional Hazards Regression with Missing Covariates
4/26/2007 Alan Hubbard UC Berkeley Variable Importance measures inspired from causal inference in microarray studies of aging
5/3/2007 Guenther Walther Stanford University Scan Statistics for Quantitating Differences in Distributions
5/10/2007 Terry Speed UC Berkeley High-Density Short Oligonucleotide Microarrays:  A low-Level viewpoint
5/17/2007 Peter Hall Statistics, UC Davis Bootstrap aggregation for cross-validation and inference under constraints
5/23/2007 Ken Newman Fish & Wildlife Services, UC Davis Bayesian hierachical models for multi-year ecological studies
5/31/2007 Joel Dubin Univ. Waterloo, Ontario Longitudinal modeling of a response and time-dependent covariate measured at different time points

Winter 2007

Winter 2007   organizer: Katherine Pollard
Date Speaker Institution Title
1/4/2007 Charles Langley Evolution & Ecology / Pop. Biology, UC Davis Estimates and Inferences for Drospophila Population Genomics
1/9/2007 David M. Mason Statistics, U. Delaware Local U-Statistics Processes: Methods and Applications
1/11/2007 Patrice Koehl Computer Sci / Genome Center, UC Davis Protein Structure and Protein Sequence Spaces
1/18/2007 Bruce Rannala Evolution & Ecology / Genome Center, UC Davis Inferring Somatic Mutation Rates Using the stop-EGFP Mouse
1/25/2007 Yunming Mu Statistics, Texas A&M U. Power Transformation Techniques in Quantile Regression
2/1/2007 Mark R. Segal Biostatistics UCSF Chess, Chance and Conspiracy
2/6/2007 Chunming Zhang Statistics, U. Wisconsin, Madison Semiparametric Detection of Significant Activation for Brain fMRI
2/7/2007 Debashis Mondal Univ. Washington Wavelet Variance Analysis for Time Series and Random Fields
2/8/2007 Jane Fridlyand Biostatistics / Cancer Center Bioinformatics, UCSF Analysis and Integration of Array CGH Data: methods and applications
2/12/2007 Crystal Linkletter   Latent Socio-Spatial Process Model for Social Networks
2/15/2007 Guodong Li Univ. Hong Kong Testing for threshold moving average with conditional heteroscedasticity
2/20/2007 Yingying Fan   High Dimensional Classification Using Features Annealed Independence Rules
2/22/2007 Alexander Aue Clemson University  Distinguishing between random walks and changes in the mean
2/27/2007 Subharup Guha   Bayesian Hidden Markov Modeling of Array-CGH Data
3/1/2007 Romain Neugebauer UC Berkeley School of Public Health Causal inference in air pollution epidemiology -- Overcoming violation of the experimental treatment assignment assumption

Fall 2006

Fall 2006     organizer: Jie Peng
Date Speaker Institution Title
9/28/2006 Sergey Nuzhdin Evolution & Ecology, UC Davis Transcriptome Variance Decomposition
10/5/2006 Souray Chatterjee Statistics, UC Berkeley Normal Approximation: a new insight and a simple method
10/12/2006 Wolfgang Jank Univ. Maryland Modeling Concurrency of Events in Online Auctions via Spatio-Temporal Semiparametric Models
10/19/2006 Katherine Pollard Statistics / Genome Center, UC Davis What Made Us Human?
10/26/2006 Ethan Anderes Statistics, UC Berkeley Estimating Deformations of Gaussian Random Fields
11/2/2006 Jeng-Min Chiou Inst. Statistical Science, Academia Sinica Functional Clustering of longitudinal data
11/9/2007 Pei Wang Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center A Statistical Method for Alignment of Liquid-Chromatography Mass-Spectometry (LC-MS) data
11/16/2006 Raissa D'Souza Comp Science & Engineering, UC Davis Growth and Function of Networks
11/30/2006 David Wittman Physics, UC Davis Large Optical Astronomy Serveys
12/7/2006 Nourredine El Karoui Statistics, UC Berkeley Random Matrix Theory and Multivariate Statistics