Seminars 2009-10

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Fall 2009

Fall 2009 Organizer: Ethan Anderes
Date Speaker Institution Title
1-Oct-09 Jiguo Cao Simon Fraser U. Statistical Inference for Differential Equations
8-Oct-09 Nancy Zhang Stanford U. Simultaneous change-point models with applications to cross-sample and cross-platform analysis of DNA copy number
15-Oct-09 Chad M. Shafer Carnegie Mellon U. Testing Cosmological Theories: Methodology for the Inference Challenges
22-Oct-09 Samuel Kou Harvard Statistical inference in nanoscale biophysics
29-Oct-09 James Flegal UC Riverside Batch Means and Spectral Variance Estimators in Markov Chain Monte Carlo
30-Oct-09 (Friday) Vic Patrangenaru Florida State U Tests for Mean P-Quaternion Objects and Glaucomatous Change Detection from Stereoscopic images of the Eye Fundus.
5-Nov-09 Petr Janata Psychology, UC Davis Music, Probability and the Brain
12-Nov-09 Laurie Davies U Duisburg-Essen (Germany) Approximating Data
19-Nov-09 Naoki Saito Dept Math, UC Davis Laplacian eigenfunctions that do not feel the boundary: Theory, Computation and Applications
3-Dec-09 Christopher Paciorek UC Berkeley

The importance of scale for spatial-confounding bias and precision of spatial regression estimators

Winter 2010

Winter 2010   Organizer: Debashis Paul
Date Speaker Institution Title
4-Jan-10  Armin Schwartzman Harvard U Inference for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Diffusion Tensors
14-Jan-10 Hua Zhou UCLA Optimization in Some High-Dimensional Statistical Problems
19-Jan-10 Daniela Witten Stanford A Penalized Matrix Decomposition, with Application to Sparse Clustering
21-Jan-10 Veronica Berrocal  SAMSI  Downscaling outputs from numerical models
25-Jan-10 Paul Baines Harvard University  Staring at the Black Box: Statistical Inference in the Physical Sciences
28-Jan-10 Han Liu Carnegie Mellon  Nonparametric Learning in High Dimensions
4-Feb-10 Michael McAssey UC Davis Slope estimation in structural line-segment heteroscedastic measurement error models
11-Feb-10 Suhasini Subba Rao Texas A&M A test for second order stationarity of a time series basd on the Discrete Fourier Transform
18-Feb-10 Fushing Hsieh UC Davis Time, temperature and data cloud geometry
25-Feb-10 Robert Serfling U Texas, Dallas Constructing Nonparametric Multivariate Outlyingness Functions that are Robust, Computationally Easy, Affine Invariant, and Efficient
4-Mar-10 Ji Zhu U Michigan, Ann Arbor Extracting Communities from Networks
10-Mar-10 Laurie Davies U Duisberg-Essen (Germany), visiting UC Davis  L_0, L_01, L_2 and the analysis of variance
11-Mar-10 Matthias Drton U Chicago Likelihood ratio tests and singularities
16-Mar-10 Jim Ramsay McGill U (Retired) Linear models for output-buffered systems
16-Mar-10 Jim Ramsay McGill U (Retired) Research Challenges for functional Data Analysis

Spring 2010 

Spring 2010 Organizer: Prabir Burman
Date Speaker Institution Title
8-Apr-10 George Roussas Dept Statistics, UC Davis Probability and Statistics Throughout the Centuries
22-Apr-10 Oscar Jorda Dept Economics, UC Davis Empirical Simultaneous Confidence Regions for Path Forecasts
29-Apr-10 Rudy Beran Dept Statistics, UC Davis The Unbearable Transparency of Stein Estimation
6-May-10 Saunak Sen UC San Francisco Selective genotyping and phenotyping strategies in a complex trait context
13-May-10 Bin Yu UC Berkeley Sparse modeling: some unifying theory and understanding human visual pathway
20-May-10 Julia Salzman Stanford Statistical Modeling of RNA-Seq data
25-May-10 (1:10pm) Yichao Wu North Carolina State U An ordinary differential equation based solution path algorithm
27-May-10 Nicolas Verzelen INRA Montpellier (visiting UC Davis) Estimation of Gaussian graphs by model
28-May-10  Iain Johnstone  Stanford U (Joint Math/Stat Colloquium)  Largest eigenvalues and eigenvectors in multivariate statistical analysis
1-Jun-10 (1:10pm) Damla Senturk PennState U Functional varying coeffiecient models for longitudinal data 
3-Jun-10 Candace Metoyer Intel Corp. Reacting to new information: the use of monthly data to inform a quarterly forecast

Summer 2010  

Spring 2010 Organizer: Prabir Burman
Date Speaker Institution Title
9-Aug-10 Byeoung Park Seoul National University, Korea Smooth Backfitting for Variant Coefficient Regression Models