Seminars 2012-13

Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Organizer: Francisco Samaniego
Date Series Speaker Institution Title
Thur, Oct 11 STA Jan Hannig Univ. North Carolina “On Generalized Fiducial Inference”
Tue, Oct 16 STA Sanjay Chaudhuri Natl Univ. Singapore “A Conditional Empirical Likelihood Approach to Combine Sampling Design and Population Level Information”
Thur, Oct 18 STA/ BST Donald Edwards Univ. South Carolina "Statistics and Healthcare Fraud"
Thur, Oct 25 STA Colin Cameron Dept Economics, UC Davis "Robust Inference with Dyadic Data: with Applications to Country Pair International Trade"
Thur, Nov 8 RTG Pradeep Ravikumar Univ. Texas “Graphical models via generalized linear models”
Tue, Nov 13 BST Richard Olshen Stanford Univ. “Successive Normalization/Standardization of Rectangular Arrays”
Thur, Nov 15 STA Abhyuday Mandal Univ. Georgia “Multi-objective optimal experimental designs for event-related fMRIstudies”
Tue, Nov 27 BST Katherine Pollard Gladstone Inst & UC San Francisco “Quantifying taxonomic and functional diversity of metagenomes from next-generation sequencing data”
Thur, Nov 29 RTG Victor Patrangenaru Florida State Univ. “Data analysis on sample spaces with a manifold stratification”
Tue, Dec 4 BST Bruce Rannala Genome Center, UC Davis "Statistical analysis of pooled samples for whole-genome case-control associations: A study of lung cancer in Thailand using 660,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms"

Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Organizer: Jiming Jiang
Date Speaker Institution Title
Tue, Jan 8 Bonnie Kirkpatrick U British Columbia (Canada) Biological models with combinatorial spaces
Thur, Jan 10 Lingzhou Xue Princeton U Regularized Learning of High-dimensional Sparse Graphical Models
Fri, Jan 11 (2:10) Ping Li Cornell U BigData: probabilistic methods for efficient search and statistical learning in extremely high-dimensional data
Fri, Jan 11 (4:10), James Long UC Berkeley Classification of Sparse, Irregularly Sampled Time Series and Heterogeneous Feature Noise
Mon, Jan 14 (10:30) Noah Simon Stanford U A new approach to high-dimensional interaction testing
Mon, Jan 14 (1:30) Hao Chen Stanford U Graph-based change-point detection
Wed, Jan 16 (2:10) Jingyi Jessica Li UC Berkeley Statistical methods for analyzing high-throughput genomic data
Thur, Jan 17 Kevin Murphy Google Inc. Probabilistic Models for Learning from Big, Complex Data
Tue, Jan 22 Guy Lebanon Georgia Tech Stochastic m-Estimators and the tradeoff between statistical accuracy and computational complexity
Mon, Jan 28 (1:10) Mladen Kolar Carnegie Mellon U Exploring dynamic complex systems using time-varying networks
Wed, Jan 30 (2:10) Anirban Bhattacharya Duke U Bayesian shrinkage
Thur, Jan 31 (4:10) Victor Panaretos EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland) Doubly spectral analysis of stationary functional sequences
Mon, Feb 4 (1:10) John Aston U Warwick (UK) Some aspects of statistical neuroimaging
Tue, Feb 5 (4:10) Michael Kane Yale U Subspace ensembles for acalable statistical analyses
Thur, Feb 7 (4:10) Byeong Park Seoul National U (Korea) Model selection via Bayesian information criterion for quantile regression models
Feb 12 - Feb 26 no seminar
Thur, Feb 28 (4:10) John Neuhaus UC San Francisco Likelihood-based analysis of longitudinal data from outcome-dependent sampling designs
Tue, Mar 5 (4:10) Sharif Aly Vet Med, UC Davis Intraclass correlation coefficient for the negative binomial mixed model
Thur, Mar 7 (4:10) Xuming He U Michigan Bivariate quantile and statistical downscaling for climate projections
Tue, Mar 12 (4:10) Eric Kolczyk Boston U Network-based statstica models and methods for identification of cellular mechanism of action
Mon Mar 18 (4:10) Axel Munk
Georg August U / Max Planck Inst for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen (Germany) Multiscale change point inference

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 : STA 290 Organizer: Wolfgang Polonik
Date Speaker Institution Title
Thur, Apr 4 Andrew Nobel Univ North Carolina Large Average Submatrices of a Gaussian Random Matrix: Landscapes and Local Optima
Tue Apr 9(at UC Berkeley) Jie Peng Statistics, UC Davis High dimensional graphical model learning
Thur, Apr 11 Siegfried Hörmann Brussels Dynamic functional principal components
Thur, Apr 18 Jonathan Taylor Stanford Univ A significance test for adaptive linear modeling
Thur, May 2 Harry Chang Army Research Office's Program Director for Probability and Statistics Optimal Stopping with Memory: Recent Results and Open Problems
Thur, May 9 Pedro Delicado Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain) Data-based decision rules about the convexity of the support of a distribution
Tue, May 21 Amit Singer Joint Math-Stats Colloquium Princeton U Three-dimensional structire determination of molecules without crystallization
Thur, May 23 Jay Wang Hewlett Packard Boosted semiparametric multinomial logit model for leveraging aggregated sales data
Thur, May 30 Jiming Jiang Statistics, UC Davis Consistency of MLE in GLMM: Answer to an Open Problem and Beyond
Tue, June 4 Prathapasinghe Dharmawansa Statistics, UC Davis Stanford U Distributions of Demmel and Related Condition Numbers
Thur, June 6 Laurent Jacob UC Berkeley Correcting gene expression data when neither the unwanted variation nor the factor of interest are observed

Summer 2013

Fall 2012 Organizer: Francisco Samaniego
Date Speaker Institution Title
Fri, Sept 6 Samuel Gerber
Duke Univ.
“Visualization and regression of high-dimensional scalar functions using the Morse-Smale complex”
Tue, Sep 17 Giles Hooker
Cornell Univ. "Optimal adaptive design of experiments for stochastic dynamic systems