Seminars 2008-09

Spring 2009

Spring 2009   Organizer: Alexander Aue
Date Speaker Institution Title
2-Apr-09 Bryan C. Weare Land, Air & Water Resources, UC Davis Structure of stratospheric wave responses to ENSO convection
9-Apr-09 Piotr Kokoszka Utah State U Weakly Dependent Functional Data
15-Apr-09 (*Wed) Jiashun Jin Carnegie Mellon Higher Criticism Thresholding: Optimal Feature Selectiion when Useful Featurs are Rare and Weak
16-Apr-09 Ping Ma U Illinois Urbana-Champaign (visiting UC Berkeley) A Journey to the Center of the Earth
23-Apr-09 Bruno Pelletier U Montpellier II (visiting UC San Diego) Clustering with level sets
28-Apr-09 (*Tue) Siddhartha Chib Washington U St. Louis Additive Cubic Spline Regression with Dirichlet Process Mixture Errors
7-May-09 (*MSB 1143) Richard Davis Columbia U Allpass processes with applications to finance
12-May-09 (*Tue) Winfried Stute Giesen U (Germany) Statistical inference for self-exciting point processes
14-May-09 Guido Kuersteiner Economics, UC Davis  Bandwidth Choice for Bias Estimators in Dynamic Nonlinear Panel Models
21-May-09 Lloyd Knox Physics, UC Davis  Statistical Chanllenges of Modern Cosmology
28-May-09 Xiaofeng Shao U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  Portmanteau Tests in Time Series
4-Jun-09 David Stoffer NSF / U Pittsburgh  Spectral Magic

Winter 2009

Winter 2009   Organizer: Rudy Beran
Date Speaker Institution Title
8-Jan-09 Rudy Beran Statistics, UC Davis On fitting Multivariate Responses to Covariates
15-Jan-09 Xuanlong Nguyen Statistical Science, Duke University Nonparametric and distributed decision-making models with applications to functional and spatial data analysis 
22-Jan-09 Michael Wu Harvard School of Public Health  Regularization and variable selection in predictive modeling using omics data
29-Jan-09 Thomas Lee Chinese U Hong Kong / Colorado State U Tracking of Multiple Merging and Splitting Targets with Application to Turbulence Structures and Convective Storms
5-Feb-09 Karim Chine UC Berkeley (visiting from Cloud Era Ltd, Cambridge UK) Statistical computing in the cloud: towards a federative and collaborative platform 
12-Feb-09 David Mason Delaware Estimators of Integral Functionals of the Density Function
19-Feb-09 Guenther Walther Stanford  Inference and Modeling with Log-Concave Distributions
26-Feb-09 Rui Castro Columbia Active Learning and Inference: Sampling and Sensing Using Feedback
3-Mar-09 Peter J. Bickel UC Berkeley        (Berkeley-Davis Colloquium) Banded approximation to inverses of bandedly approximable matrices and operators with applications to covariance matrix estimation and strong mixing of Gaussian processes
12-Mar-09 Fushing Hsieh Statistics, UC Davis Exploring stock dynamics via computed volatility-phases

Fall 2008

Fall 2008     Organizer: Hans-Georg Mueller
Date Speaker Institution Title
24-Sep-08 Lajos Horváth University of Utah Break Detection in the Covariance Structure of Multivariate Time Series Models
25-Sep-08 Ming Yuan Georgia Insititue of Technology Sparse Regularization with Multiple Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces
2-Oct-08 Meng Mao & Jane-Ling Wang Statistics, UC Davis Death and Success on Mount Everest: Is there a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar effect?
9-Oct-08 Randall Eubank Arizona State U Canonical Correlation and Prediction for Stochastic Processes
16-Oct-08 Fang Yao Univ of Toronto Functional Mixture Regression
23-Oct-08 Chin-Shang Li Public Health Sci, UC Davis Testing for Linearity of the Nonparametric Component of a Partially Linear Model
30-Oct-08 Alexander Aue Statistics, UC Davis Topics in autoregressive time series with random coefficients
6-Nov-08 Somnath Datta Univ of Louisville Nonparametric inference for state occupation, entry and waiting time distributions in multistate models under current status data
13-Nov-08 Jim Veitch Affymetrix Discovering Variation in the Human Genome using Affymetrix Microarrays
20-Nov-08 Daniel Gervini Univ of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Robust Functional Data Analysis